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Breaking News in Yuba County 2021

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After her husband disappears, an underrated suburban bride named Sue Buttons (Allison Janney) feels like a local celebrity when she goes looking for a town in Yuba. Show full summary
Writer Tate Taylor:
Stars of Amanda Idoko:
Juliette Lewis, Mila Kunis, Allison Janney | After her husband disappears, underrated suburban bride Sue Buttons (Allison Janney) gets a taste of a local celebrity when she searches for him in Yuba province. In an effort to expand her newfound fame, she stumbles in comical jumps as her world changes and evades an aspiring gangster (Awkwafina), a ruthless local police officer (Regina Hall), her half-sister (Mila Kunis), a journalist. Locals are desperate for a story and her husband’s abused brother (Jimmi Simpson) who all went out to find out the truth behind the disappearance.

Breaking News in Yuba County 2021

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