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If you are tired of the default Windows sound if you are the type of person who likes to change everything you can do, this small but powerful app can be a great addition to your collection of tools that is right for you. Voice Changer Switch is custom software that lets you turn your computer startup into anything you want. It’s a simple program, but worth a try if you want to get around computer sounds. The standard TuneEveryone, which is used for working with Windows computers, would certainly know its heart-start sound. The startup sound is what your computer plays when it boots up for the second session. It’s one of the noises people interact with Windows all the time, especially because it’s one of the sounds you’ll never get used to. By default, Windows lets you customize the look of your operating system, including your wallpaper, screen saver, sound theme with several controls, and even the look of your mouse. But Windows hasn’t let you go too far. And if you want to switch to another locked service, you will have to contact a third party (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Change Voice Launcher is one of the third-party programs that allows you to change your computer’s startup sound. An application designed and promoted by her lives up to its name. This allows you to set any audio file as a new startup sound to hear every time you turn on your computer. This app has only three functions. Play lets you listen to your startup audio file so that you can check if your changes have taken place. However, Edit allows you to edit the current sound with a new audio file. However, it must be in WAV format. Finally, reset your changes, allowing you to revert to your default sound. However, users should remember that they must have administrator approval to make changes. This AllStartup sound changer is very good for installation software. Unfortunately, its purpose is small and unified. Also, while it doesn’t need to be installed, it doesn’t find any shortcuts that you can easily find. So if you want to make any changes again, you will have to get the downloaded file to run it. Some properties are missing. Moreover, it only supports WAV files. You might want to get this updated version of Winaero Tweaker, as there are other architecture tools besides that.

Startup Sound Changer

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