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Beautiful studio in Ramallah Old city


In one of the most active and attractive streets of the old city of Ramallah,  Al Sahel Street , you will Find our studio located at  the first level of an old traditional Ramallah Old houses , it was built in 1935, a beautiful Vine is hanging at the metal rail at the stairs that extends even at the small Balcony overlooking the main Street, when you get inside the most attractive element  you meet in the interior of the space is the old beautiful concrete original tiles, it is still there with its beautiful patterns and  colors that is inspired from the Palestinian nature and art, the space is simply designed,  clean and contemporary  furniture added a beautiful contrast of two ages, before and now.

About us

Wesam Azar Interior Design Philosophy

“Interior space should rise up to greet you. At the end of the day, it should ground you with positive energy and a sense of peace.”

  • To become the leader of innovative designs
  • To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.
  • To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in interior execution.
  • To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world class interiors and furnishings.

  • Our interior design Vision is based upon the belief that the life inside of one’s space should feel good in every sense. A well designed space should embody an extraordinary design that is timeless while maintaining a striking interior that is unique, luxurious, functional, livable, comfortable, and most importantly speaks the client’s language.

  • An Interior space should be designed for one’s self, not for the accolades of others. It should reflect the personality of its occupants and users in a unified and well-tailored design. “Art does not have to match the furniture” instead there should be an elegant and cohesiveness design that ebbs and flows in a well-balanced and harmonious rhythm throughout the entire space.


About Arch. Wesam Azar.

Architect Wesam  Azar  established her design firm WA Interiors in 2005 in Ramallah her home Town where she was born and raised, before that she worked as an architect and Interior designer for many firms, where she  gained her experience . Being exposed, she became a multi - tasked person after working with many customers. Her job description included managing, designing, offering marketing services to the clients.

She attained her  Master's degree in Interior design from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA in 2012. after  6 years living, studying and working as an interior designer in San Francisco, USA, she resumes her practice at WA Interiors in Ramallah with more drive, curiosity experience and fresh ideas.

Now Architect Wesam is considered as one of the Best Interior designer in her country, she designed a wide range of high end  residential and Hospitality projects......

Such profound experience gained revealed her potentials to make a difference in her life through her work. This challenging experience allowed her  to expand her horizons and fulfill her dream in expanding her own independent business in interior design all around the world; Ramallah, San Francisco and more to come ........................................................