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Office Online 64-Bit

Office Online

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The free online version of Microsoft OfficeOffice Online is an online version of the popular Microsoft suite of products. Although not ideal as an analogue in the workplace, it is one of the three main programs available in Office Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can use them to work with text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, just as you would with an office. Obviously you don’t have as many tools and capabilities as in regular Office, but you can work with documents anywhere and anytime when you have a network (function {) {(‘view-Program-page -desktop-desktop’); }); The three programs included in the web office have the same scenario as the desktop applications and are completely self-explanatory. In addition to creating and editing documents on the web, you can also download files to your computer, share them via a link, and transfer files from disk. For the latter, Online Office offers up to 25GB of free SkyDrive space to save money, Online Office may be a removed version of the original product suit, but it works great because online web document management and editing tools are a great companion for editing web documents, budget table and presentation.

Office Online

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Clean ISO Torrent

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Clean ISO

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ISO limpio de Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64

Windows 10 Enterprise se basa en Windows 10 Pro agrega características de primera clase
diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de organizaciones grandes medianas
(incluidas las grandes instituciones académicas), como la defensa avanzada
contra las amenazas de seguridad modernas, total flexibilidad en la implementación del sistema operativo
opciones de actualización soporte; así como una unidad compleja y
funciones de gestión gestión de aplicaciones

Nombre de archivo: Idioma: Inglés
SHA1: 30AD1CDF5D0670F12788005131E24862F6AB8AAB

NOTA: Esto es ISO puro sin cambios. El torrente no tiene activador. Puedes descargar Activator desde aquí

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Pro x86 Clean ISO

¡Nota! Este archivo de instalación contiene Windows 10 Professional y
Inicio de Windows 10. Consulte las claves de producto para determinar cuáles
los productos están incluidos en su suscripción

Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro está diseñado para pequeñas medianas empresas
organizaciones para administrar sus dispositivos aplicaciones para proteger sus datos comerciales
facilitar escenarios remotos móviles aprovechar la nube
tecnología para sus organizaciones. Además de pequeñas medianas
Para las empresas, los dispositivos Windows 10 Pro serían una excelente opción para las organizaciones
apoyo a los programas CYOD

Inicio de Windows 10
Windows 10 Home es la versión final de Windows 10 para usuarios
Ofrece una experiencia familiar personal combinada con nuevas innovaciones para
hacer cosas divertirse. Entre las nuevas características: una red completamente nueva
navegadores diseñados para funcionar en Internet; Windows Hello, proveedores personalizados a
cálida bienvenida cómoda entrada *; excelentes funciones multitarea nuevas
incluyendo hacer clic en varias aplicaciones en la pantalla crear escritorios virtuales
para mas espacio

Nombre de archivo: Idioma: Inglés

NOTA: Esto es ISO puro sin cambios. El torrente no tiene activador. Puedes descargar Activator desde aquí

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Clean ISO

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MS-DaRT) WIndows 10 download torrent

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MS-DaRT) WIndows 10

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Bootable ISO systems x64 and x86 for Windows 10 build 1809 (updated from October 2018) and earlier. With the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) 10, you can diagnose and repair a computer that does not start or has problems starting as expected. Using DaRT 10, you can recover end-user computers that have become unusable, diagnose possible causes of problems, and quickly recover restarted or locked computers. If necessary, you can also quickly recover important lost files and detect and remove malware, even when your computer is offline

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MS-DaRT) WIndows 10

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Office 2019 Pro Plus pt-BR Novembro 2020 Torrent Descargar

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 + Office 2019 Pro Plus pt-BR Novembro 2020

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Windows 10 20H2 AIO

Office 2019 Pro Plus + Project pro + vision pro

============ EDIES ==========

La familia Win10 – office 2019

Win10 Pro – Office 2019

Win10 Home Monolingüe – Office 2019

Win10 Education – office 2019

Educación Win10 Pro – Office 2019

Estación de trabajo Win10 Pro – Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise – Office 2019

===== ATIVAO =====

Ventana 10 – Uso del servicio digital ativado

Office 2019 – (KMS) Hay una nueva cola para Office

===== INTEGRADO =====

NET Framework

MS Dart 10

Oficina 2019 Pro Plus

+ Proyecto Pro

+ para la visión

para construir

para construir

Tamanho: GB

Crédito: Gleison Lima

Arquitectura: x64

Modismo: Portugués-BR

BIOS: UEFI / Legado

formato: ISO / ESD

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 + Office 2019 Pro Plus pt-BR Novembro 2020

Grand Theft Auto V Slapper download

Grand Theft Auto V

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Rockstar Games launched the world action / adventure game Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 for fans eagerly awaiting another GTA release. The game has an open world view with offline and multiplayer modes and also lets you enjoy the Premium Edition for extra features. This is a fun adult title with great graphics, gameplay, and story as well as gameplay, Grand Theft Auto V takes you back to the famous San Andreas, with the GTA game of the same name. The story follows the lives of three main characters – Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each has a unique personality trait that will make it work regularly (feature () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); you are free to switch between them in the CTA V campaign and the main objective or side option guests. The first pushes you to the end of the story line, while the second gives you the money and experience to get better weapons and other items. If you work in real estate and vehicles, you can use your money to buy some of it along the way. This is the core of the crime theme, so you can use force and theft to claim free assets. Grand Theft Auto V is more suitable for adult audiences and includes elements of extreme sex, drugs and violence. You also have to make critical decisions during certain parts of the story, which will affect the mode and multiplayer. The action-pacing game is available offline and online. Before you start playing, it’s important to decide which version you want to access. GTA V takes each segment separately, leaving you in campaign mode before Online sourcing became popular over the years, with players still using their characters to wreck havoc in a variety of multiplayer challenges. You start by creating an avatar, changing the look, sex, clothes and other items. The open world attitude is preserved so that you can freely choose how you want to live. Auto Theft Online contains many of the same campaign elements. The most important variant is that you can reward others or contact your friends for installing GTA V on Windows Before you can play Grand Theft Auto V on Windows, you need to download a huge 95 GB file. This has grown over the years, starting with 36 GB in 2013 and reaching 65 GB in 2015. The file size is a testament to how much work and new content Rockstar Games is putting into adventure / adventure games once you have it, you can use the wizard installation and select the location on your hard drive where you want to store program data. You have the option to create shortcuts on your desktop for easy access. The file will take a few seconds to install as it requires offline and multiplayer and also needs to create a Rockstar Games Social Club account to play GTA V on Windows. This includes providing your location information, submitting privacy information and entering your account username and password. For security reasons, never share your account information with Edition vs Premium Edition Although the Standard Edition of GTA V is cheaper, the Premium Edition has additional features that you can enjoy. General elements include online campaigns and mode. You also receive standard tools, kits and items available because the main difference between GTA 5 and GTA 5 Premium Online Edition is the boost you get for themultiplayer version. Offender beginner kits with unique items, vehicles and bonus cash, each worth $ 10,000,000 in San Andreas. You have an advantage over the competition, unless they buy the package before arriving at your vehicle warehouse, you will receive ten high-performance cars on the street. As you enter the wardrobe, you will also see new clothes to wear. New weapons aren’t too bad, GTA V files Many Grand Theft Auto V PC gamers have reported problems with damaged files and lost saved games. If you have spent time and maybe money to grow your criminal government, this problem can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to fix your GTA V mainly depending on the client you are playing in your Windows environment. Some platforms have a library folder where you can check files and restore GTA V to its last secure settings. If you’re looking for a clean non-mod sweep, you may need to remove the game, remove the mod folder, and reset it as you go, and Grand Theft Auto is probably undeniable V is a very entertaining title, which right many provide purpose and items to claim you will be playing for months. It’s similar to Watch Dogs in terms of gameplay and the open-world factor, which puts more emphasis on crime and vice. There is also more freedom in GTA V to be sure of choosing the path you want and the problem of customization: GTA V is one of the most successful titles in the franchise and will be popular for years to come;

Grand Theft Auto V

Skype FULL download torrent


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A classic instant messaging application for computers, Skype is one of the most popular and easy-to-use media that connects people around the world. The program supports video conferencing, voice calls and instant messaging. Alternatively, you can use the software to send files up to 300 MB. Downloading Skype allows you to purchase additional subscriptions for mobile and landline calls. While the program is the standard for group messaging and web chat, it is in strong competition with new headers like Zoom, Discord, and Microsoft (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Group messages, video calls, etc. Skype has always been a popular choice for connecting to the Internet with friends and family. Over the years, the launch of new features has made the tool a complete communication platform for commercial purposes. With the expansion of services, users have reduced the cost of traditional phone messaging, and Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, a program that is advertised as a functional means of communication. To use Skype, you must sign in and create a Microsoft account. If you already have it, you can use the same to log in; you’ll notice that the program weighs more than the competition’s tools, such as mismatch and scale. Sometimes there may be delays and slow download times can distract some users. Still, the simple interface seems to make up for its shortcomings; How to get started with Skype? To create an account, you’ll need to enter information, such as your email address or cell phone number. After entering this information, you simply need to choose a secure password to create a new Microsoft account. Before completing the process, you will also need to submit the first and last action, which is to verify your email address. Email or phone number. While this process may seem tedious, it eliminates the possibility of anyone else using your Skype account. Again, can you continue to use your existing Microsoft account to set it up? After entering the video conferencing program, you can set up a new profile picture on the home screen. This is an image that is displayed during a chat, voice call, or video conference. It helps other people identify you and also includes a status section that allows other people to know your thoughts, your profession, or basically anything you want. Most people use this feature to let others know if they are available or exist. As mentioned above, Skype is a complete communication tool. The latest version of the app allows you to send messages, share content, and make video calls or voice calls to people or groups. All you have to do before using Skype is create an account and add contacts. You can even import contacts from multiple sources, including Microsoft Outlook; The program shows all the functions in the form of large icons. You can hear the iconic ringtone when you call someone via Skype. Before you start instant messaging or video conferencing, check your status to see the availability of others. Next to the imageprofile there is a point, which is even more convenient to indicate the status. If red means busy, green means you can send files up to 300 MB. Compared to other instant messaging and video conferencing programs, this is a great addition to the feature list. You can easily send pictures, videos, documents, fashion or games, as well as Skype instead of a mobile or landline phone. With the paid subscription model, you can top up your account and use credit to make phone calls. All you need is a stable program on the Internet, which is used prominently for group messaging. This is a great tool for colleagues to work together. However, slow boot times are sometimes annoying and can be worth other alternative platforms; what are the alternatives? Although Skype is a popular communication platform, you can find many options online. Depending on your usage, needs, and requirements, you can choose between a simpler and larger feature and a more pleasing to the eye version. Discord is a good choice for players. The app includes in-app broadcasts, support for multiple servers, and a special game store. This will allow you to use an existing server or create a new one. Over the past few years, Discord has created a strong community where you can interact with like-minded people who want to chat with friends while playing or sharing files up to 8 MB. Discord is a good choice. In addition, the tool supports voice and video calling, making it an ideal choice for simple chats and Microsoft applications that work well in the business community, such as Microsoft Teams. The video conferencing application is aimed at large companies and is ideal for virtual meetings. The program also has a wide range of functions for chatting, sharing and scaling. Zoom has impressively become a popular instant messaging and video conferencing program for Windows 10. The simple interface requires no technical knowledge, and great people can do it online to collaborate. Privacy issues can be a cause for concern due to strong competition from some next-generation apps, as mentioned, Skype has fallen back in the background. If you prefer a familiar interface and easy-to-use features, Skype won’t; a good choice for Windows computers. Almost everything that happens on the Internet requires a powerful communication tool to communicate with friends and colleagues, share files, and make voice or video calls. Skype fulfills its purpose and provides you with everything you need. While you can explore other programs, this is the best option for most Windows users. It is also available for Mac, iPhone and Android;


Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 en-US NOV 2019 {Gen2} Torrent Download

Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 en-US NOV 2019 {Gen2}

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* Windows 10 Pro X64 19H1 en-US NOV 2019

* Version 1909 consolidated version

* Office 2019 ProPlus integrated

* File:

* Size: 4.94 GB

* Format: Startable ISO

* CRC32: 9c75230pm

* MD5: b5442db0cf6e364ca6cfce736ea2ccf6

* SHA-1: 5266ed9f1163025b1ce4349e515c0465bed8e14e


Integrated / pre-installed:

*. NET Framework

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64-bit

* Stack service update:

* KB4524569

* Cumulative update:

* KB4524570

* Cumulative update

*. NET framework and:

* KB4522741

* Flash Player Security Update:

* KB4516115


* Protector updates


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL

* Activators: HWID and KMS Online

* UEFI capability

* (Start UEFI with Rufus USB)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Tool (Microsoft DaRT)

* compressed return format ()

* Create a bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed.

* WindowsAddict, Windows activation script

* We hope you like this issue!

* Greetings,

* Generation2

Check the final version of the Windows ISO file at #

English and American version of Windows and Office

Windwos 10 Professional x64 includes Office 2019 Professional Plus x64 / fully OPERATIONAL

Windows Version: 2004 / Consolidated Operating System Version: / Code Name: 20H1

Office version: 2004 / Construction

NOTE: Windows and Office are fully enabled.

Read the “Installation file” in this torrent before installing.


————————————————— ————————

Update from July 2020

– Microsoft Defender Antivirus Security Bulletin Update – KB2267602 (Version)

– Cumulative update for 2020-07 for .NET Framework and Windows 10 version 2004 for x64 (KB4565627)

– Cumulative update for 2020-07 for Windows 10 2004 for x64-based systems (KB4565503)

– Security update 2020-06 for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10, version 2004, for x64-based systems (KB4561600)

– Windows Malicius x64 Removal Tool – (KB890830)

– Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus Update Software – KB4052623 (version)

————————————————— ————————

Windows 10 Pro is designed to enable SMEs

organizations to manage their devices and applications, protect their business information

facilitates remote and mobile scenarios as well as cloud use

their organizations. Both small and medium-sized

For businesses, Windows 10 Pro devices would be a great choice for organizations

support CYOD programs.

Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 en-US NOV 2019 {Gen2}

Windows AIO 7, 8.1 E 10 32/64 PT-BR descargar

Windows AIO 7, 8.1 E 10 32/64  PT-BR

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Super Windows AIO 7, E 10 PT-BR


, – ~ ^ ^ -, _,

/ /; ^, /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/,.-:“-,_ / / /

_, .- ^^

/ ^ / /:..___.;

/ / / ^ /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/_,.–:^ / /

^^: ^ (RATON)

Super Windows AIO 7, E 10 PT-BR


Isso mesmo que voc leu Windows 7. 10 crado pelo Raton essa ISO contm Windows Seven Todas as Verses

Windows todas como Versiones Windows 10 Todas como versos 32 64 Bits Portugus Brasil

tudo isso em uma nica ISO de 14 GB, vem com a pasta ” Raton Ativadores ” para Seven, 10 para validar o

sistema posteriormente torna-lo original atualizando normalmente

Contm ISO:

Windows 10 Professional x86

Windows 10 Home x86

Windows 10 Enterprise x86

Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LSTB x86

Windows 10 Educación X86

Windows 10 Professional x64

Windows 10 Home x64

Windows 10 Enterprise x64

Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LSTB x64

Windows 10 Educación X64

Windows Pro x86

Windows Core x86

Windows x86 Enterprise

Windows Pro x64

Windows Core x64

Windows x64 Enterprise

Windows 7 Starter x86

Windows 7 Home Basic x86

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition x86

Windows 7 Professional x86

Windows 7 Enterprise x86

Edición x86 de Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Starter x64

Windows 7 Home Basic x64

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition x64

Windows 7 Professional x64

Windows 7 Enterprise x64

Windows 7 Uktimate x64

Pen drive gravar em um de 16 GB



O seja todas como versos de em uma

Meus compatriotas Brasileiros vamos compartilhar, ajude semear esses arquivos!

Tamanho: 14 GB

Windows AIO 7, 8.1 E 10 32/64  PT-BR

Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021 download torrent

Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021

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For add-ons available for Windows Defender and Windows Update

System: Windows 10 Lite – Mrs. with activated digital license

Verso: 2009 – 20H2


Modality: PT-BR

Architecture: x64


Tamanho da ISO: G

Authors: Rurielson Ribeiro

File the hash


MD5: 74E636E753EA018315CCEC13E129780F

SHA-1: 0509A8437DBE2F32541FCB4FF4AC681B59248CDE


H – net frame,

H – Windows Defender

Protocol H – SMB1

H – direct game

Modern user interface applications

M – Microsoft Store

R – Cortana

M – Windows calculator

Window accessories Ease of work

R – automatic maintenance

A: Update at any time

R – character

R – input method editor

R – private function editor

A – The narrator

R – step recorder

R – tablet (mathematical input panel)

R-Contacts manufactures windows

A: Easy transfer to Windows

Multimedia network

A: Built-in lock

R – teletria

A: Shared computer

R – OneDrive

R – Assisting Rpida

A: Forari reviews


D – Account Reporting – Authorization because account information destroys the device

D – Informa da Conta – allows you to use, display and express the application

account reports

D – activity history – let the window collect my activities

D – Activity History – Let Windows sync my activities to the cloud

D – Background applications – Allow applications to run in the background

D – feedback and diagnosis – evaluation of diagnosis

D – Suggestions and Diagnosis – Send digital and pen data to Microsoft

D – suggestions and diagnoses – frequency recommendations

D – General: Public publishing experience and applications for using the allowed applications menu


D – Windows Update

H – Windows Defender

R – teletria

R – Windows Insider

D – DevQuery background detection

D-coverage changes Windows Mobile

D – Faxing


D – parental control

D – telephone

D – A comparative approach in Windows Media Player

Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021